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Prices for guided tours
in Cracow and Poland

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Tourguide system

Nowadays it is recomended to book your own tour guide through Cracow directly on the internet. Tour guide Christian garantees with his professional tour guide's team and travel agency KATAMARAN a high level of services. Here you find the prices for Cracow tours and interior visits.

An additional tour guide system (see picture) with head phones is actually required for groups of more than 10 people. This costs - if rented from us - 2 euros per person (half day) or 3 euros per person (whole day). However, this can also be waived in exceptional cases according to client's wishes.

Prices 2024

    • Visit or
    • guided tour
    • (1h = 60min)
    • up to 2h
    • up to 3h
    • up to 4h
    • up to 6h
    • up to 8h