Guided tours Cracow with Christian Vogt




Wawel Dragon

Cracow Legends - Dragon Legend

It was some hundred years ago in the time of Prince Crac - the legendary founder of the city of Cracow - virgins permanently disappeared from Cracow and really nobody knew exactly what had happened with them. But one day the Cracow inhabitants found out that a fire-breathing and dangerous dragon lived under the Wawel Hill in a dark den.

And as you can imagine Prince Crac said: "Whoever kills this dragon, will marry my beautiful daughter!" Then many courageous knights had lost their lifes, up to the time a young shoemaker came along, and he had a good idea: He took a sheep fur, filled it with pitch and sulphur, sewed it up and laid this false sheep in front of the dragon's cave. The dragon was hungry, rushed immediately at it and devoured it greedily.

Very soon the dragon became incredibly thirsty because of the pitch and sulphur burning in his throat and belly. For this reason the dragon ran fast to the Vistula shore and began to drink a lot of Vistula water. And the dragon drank so much water that he finally burst with a loud bang. In this way the city of Cracow was freed from the evil Wawel Dragon. And as you can imagine the shoemaker got his promised reward - he married the daughter of Prince Crac.

Dragon's Den - Dragon's Lair

The Dragon's Den is a cave of 81 meters (266 feet) which can be visited, but is closed in winter time. The Dragon's Lair is reached by using a staircase leading from the Wawel Hill into the den. In front of the cave's exit a dragon skulptur stands, breathing fire every 3 minutes.