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Catholic Church - Close family ties

The Polish society is characterised by Catholicism, close family ties and traditions involved. In opposition to western Europe all the mentioned values have in Poland still great importance. There is no real separation of Polish Nation represented today by the Polish Republic on the one side and Catholic Church on the other. Where should it come from? John Paul II. was a political pope. During Polish partitionment and communist time, the Catholic Church was the "safe haven", where people could meet and political thoughts were expressed. The Polish Nation with its culture has not been preserved because of the Polish State, but because of Church, tradtions and close family ties.

Political identification - Anti-Kaczynski elections

From this point of view the perception of the institution "State" is in Poland quite different. Nobody can really identify with the politician and rulers of the country. The voter participation always oscillates between 30 and 50 per cent. But especially young people see no sens in voting asking where the political elite is to lead the country. Donald Tusk didn't win the elections because of his clear program and liberal ideas. It was rather a kind of anti-Kaczynski election! Young Poles simply had enough of Kaczynski twins' disastrous way of foreign politics and of seeking revenge towards one part of Polish society.

Older peasant population - Young citizens

But what has happened under the Kaczynski brothers in Poland for the last years isn't at all a very strong expression of Polish nationalism. It stands rather for an important generation conflict - the older peasant population from villages against the young well educated citizens of large cities. Older People - now themselves part of globalisation - suddently face new values, get lost and want to keep tradtional guidelines whereas young people can adapt. And don't forget - Poland is a country winning its independence only over a decade ago.