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Work? - Adequate Salaries? - Migration abroad

What young Polish people more concerns than politics are the question: "Can I find work in Poland?" And "Is it adequately payed?". And if the answers is negative - what often is the case - follows the decision: "Good bye Poland!", either for a few months or forever. You take the next cheap flight to Great Britain, Germany, Ireland or Italy and that's it. In this way for the last years supposedly two million Polish people have left Poland. Many Polish waiters, nurses, carers for the elderly, seasonal workers on fields, engineers, doctors and other skilled personnel now work in the largest cities of the EU.

Economical situation - Salaries - Prices

Poles from abroad certainly tranfer milions of Euros back home - money which isn't much visible to official statistics. But it exists, since many people can afford to go shopping in recently new built and not cheap malls. However, according to offical statistics the Polish average gross income is only 700 € monthly. For example a teacher gets 450 € net. Nurses, salespersons and waiters from 250 to 350 €. Especially in large Polish cities like Cracow costs of living have exploded, reaching now 15 €/m² for leasing a flat and 2000 €/m² for real estate. Also food and gas prices are steadily rising. In addition the young generation wants internet, cars, cell phones and all this costs much money.

Unemployment rate - Prospects

But prospects seem to look well for these who nevertheless decided to stay in Poland. High economic growth of about 5 per cent or more in the next years. The unemployment rate has fallen from 19 to 12 per cent. If we speak of an european job market, espcially Polish people have good chances: High mobility, motivation, good education and knowledge of foreign languages and the fact that the most students complete their degree after 5 years. And the migration causes an important lack of manpower, so salaries will rise, too.