Guided tours Cracow with Christian Vogt




Bischop's Palace

Bishop's Palace - Death of John Paul II.

The second of April 2005 about two hours before midnight: The death knell of the Cracow St. Mary's Basilica and the Sigismund Bell began to peal. A message had arrived the city of Cracow: Pope John Paul II. (Karol Wojtyla) had died! At the Cracow bishop's palace, where John Paul II. so often spoke to the pilgrims from the papal window, up to 40 thousand people gathered that night. They prayed for John Paul II., put down flowers and lighted candles. All over the place journalists ran around with television camera in their hands sending very touching pictures from Cracow in the whole world.

Papal Meadow - Blonia Meadow

A few days later in Cracow: Young people marched from the Market Square via Bishop's Palace to the Blonia Meadow. On this papal meadow Pope John Paul II. had celebrated a lot of masses with Cracow people. And exactly at 9:37 p.m. one million persons kept up lighted candels in memory of John Paul II. They sang Karol Wojtyla's favourite song - the Barka song telling the wind: "We are with You, John Paul II. now and in eternity!"

John Paul II: His life, talent, charisma

Who was Pope John Paul II. alias Karol Wojtyla? Born in Wadowice next to Cracow and grown up in a very religious, but also tolerant family John Paul II. was a very gifted poet and actor. In his youth he was affected by several strokes: At first death of his mother and older brother. Then the outbreak of the second world war. At that time John Paul II. studied Polish language at the Cracow Jagiellonian University and finally decided to become priest. He had the ability, the Charisma to listen to people, to find the proper words looking for the direct relationship with all believers. His legacy are the world youth days and the so called J.P.II.