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Franciscan Church

Franciscan Church - Art Nouveau (Modern Style)

The Franciscan Church, built in the 13th century, belongs to the oldest gothic churches in Cracow. Inside this church mural paintings and stained glass windows can be admired, linked to the style of Art Nouveau (Modern Style). This art movement, which appeared in Cracow at the end of 19th century, has its own ideology: Nouveau Art should be liberated of all society restraints as well as feature the fervour and eagerness of the youth! So the wall decoration in the Franciscan Church is characterized by plant forms and geometric symbols created by the Polish artist Stanislaus Wyspianski.

Stanislaus Wyspianski

Stanislaus Wyspianski (1869 - 1907), the greatest Polish artist of Nouvau Art, can be called an all-rounder for he was not only a painter but also a known writer, architect and musican. When he decorated the Franiscan Church in the Modern Style at the end of 19th century, it was a great scandal, for the church did not want this simplicity in decoration. The artist Wyspianski defended himself by saying that Saint Francis of Assisi had been a nature lover and so this plant decoration should match well. Later Stanislau Wyspianski could still design the stained glass windows in the Franciscan Church.

Stained Glass Windows - God the Father

The Stained Glass Windows in the Franciscain Church are today the most famous Nouveau Art windows in Poland. Of great celebrity is the very distinguished window, placed at the end of the pricipal nave. It illustrates how God created the world holding in one hand the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. This Glass Window is characterised by very modern representation of God, particular colour scheme and blazing colors. In Polish language this Stanislaus Wyspianski window is called "Stan sie" what means "It will be".