Guided tours Cracow with Christian Vogt




Market square

Market Square (Place) - Magdeburg law

Cracow was already mentioned in the 10th century, but officially chartered according to Magdeburg law only three hundred years later. (It should be stressed that the Magdeburg rights were the most important set of Germanic mediaval city laws and a kind of model city). So in the year 1257 the Cracow Market Square was laid out. And measuring 200 by 200 meters (660 by 660 feet) it is one of the largest medieval Town Squares in Europe. At that time the Market Place was the commercial center of the city. Here in Cracow, which once belonged to the famous Hanse League, the most important european trade routes crossed: High Road (Via Regia), Amber Road, Salt Road.

Market Square Renovation

For the last years the Market Square has been renewed. At this opportunity archeologists have explored its underground discovering foundations and a large cemetery with graves. It is planed to conceive an exhibition under the Market Square with all excavated items. By the way, from numerous buildings, which once stood directly on the Town Square in Cracow, only one trading building has been preserved on the surface - the Cloth Hall.